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Carmen, the new production of Balletto del Sud debuts in November 2008 and continues the tour in many international festivals and theaters.

tour performances

ballet in two acts

choreography Fredy Franzutti

op.28/FF -08

from a story by Prosper Mérimée

music by Bizet, Albeniz, Chabrier, Massenet

scenes Francesco Palma



"Carmen" ballet in two acts is the new creation of Fredy Franzutti for his company Balletto del Sud. In his version the celebrated heroine of Prosper Mérimée is the stunningly beautiful character who seduces the public as always thanks to the most popular music of Georges Bizet to which the text was dedicated of the lyric opera.

Carmen takes place (in the text and musical version) in Spain but from an outside point of view. The authors exaggerated the exotic components increasing the attraction of the typical and charming characteristics of the native traditions of this landthat was a crossroads of populations and cultures (Muslims, Christians and Hebrew).

To Bizet's music is coupled works of other authors (Albeniz, Chahoier and Massenet) that look in the same way at the Spanish country and people from the refined culture of Paris.

The way in which the characters live elements such as: fate, adverse destiny, superstition, passion, betrayal, and jealousy, up to the murder of honor remains unchanged in the theatre or cinematographic productions to which the contemporary choreography refers.