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Here is the plot of the work inspired by the novella by Prosper Mérimée

Image Act I
(Scene: The square of Seville) The young soldier José  stands guard with a group of dragons. The bell rings at the nearby cigar factory: cigarette girls go out for the break. Among them there is Carmen, the best known and famous. The young man asks her who is her love, and Carmen says, "Love is a rebellious bird”. She takes a flower and throws it as a joke to José who shall remain bewitched. Cigarette girls squabble: Carmen attacks on a colleague with a knife. The cigar girl is arrested by Zuniga, the feared and violent captain of the guards.
(second stage: the prison) Zuniga offers Carmen freedom in exchange for her body, she refuses and Zuniga leaves her in the custody of Josè which is seduced by the gipsy girl and they run away together from the prison.
(Scene Three: the inn) Carmen takes José to Lillas Pastia’s inn where smugglers meet secretly. There Carmen dances with her friends Mercedes and Frasquita. The famous and fascinating bullfighter Escamillo enters in search of beautiful and seductive Carmen, who rejects him and entrusts  for having fallen in love with Josè to her friends. Josè confesses his love to her but they are interrupted by the arrival of Captain Zuniga, urging the young soldier to return to the army. When he refuses, Zuniga attacks him but Carmen calls in help the gypsies that immobilize the captain. Realizing that he can’t do anything but run away, José joins Carmen and Gypsies, fleeing from the tavern.

Image Act II
(Scene: the mountain) The den of smugglers is on a passage in the mountains . Carmen and José quarrel frequently: their relationship is now at an end. Carmen asks the cards, but her fate is fatal: the death! Carmen dreams of being killed. She wakes from the nightmare, José tries to reassure her but Carmen has realized that she have stop the relationship with him. The bullfighter Escamillo comes in looking for Carmen who seems to accept his attentions. José becomes jealous of his rival, challenges him to a duel but is blocked by the gypsies, who have just found hidden among the rocks Micaela, José's first love. She says that Jose's mother is dying and calls her boyfriend to return to a regular life: he can’t do anything but follow her and he swears revenge. Carmen grants love to Escamillo.
(Scene Two: the Plaza de Toros) the day of the bullfight has come. The crowd waits Escamillo, who enters triumphantly in the arena. The dances in honor of the bullfighter and his new love Carmen start. Mercedes and Frasquita warn Carmen because José is around. Ignoring the advice of her friends, Carmen meets him, and José begs her to return with him. Carmen refuses José and admits her love for Escamillo. José becomes furious. He threatens Carmen but she throws him the ring he had given her some months earlier. Blinded by anger and jealousy, José kills Carmen. Leaving the arena, the crowd sees the lifeless body of Carmen. José reveals all his crime. Zuniga stops it.